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Hatha Yoga

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  • Thursday at 12:45pm – 1:45pm


This class will be unique to the It’s Time schedule as it will begin with a short meditation practice and close with a guided relaxation. In between we will explore slow, intentional movements that will help increase body awareness (proprioception, interoception), balance, mobility, strength and nervous system regulation. We will use preparatory movements to help explore traditional yoga postures but will also apply a yogic sensibility to less-traditional poses and movements. This class is multi-level and accessible to those with little or no yoga background. Though it is a drop in class, it is strongly encouraged that you attend all six classes in the session as it will offer a more well-rounded practice.

Kenzie is a new and unique addition to It’s Time, as she is a local yoga teacher. She started out as a client last year, because she wanted to safely and intelligently add kettlebells to her weight training practice, and more efficiency to her cardio workouts. She felt she needed to grow these practices in order to manage the physical challenge of teaching 10-15 yoga classes per week.

She completed her original 200 hour YTT at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2002. It wasn’t physical mastery of the yoga postures that attracted her to yoga, but the effects of a mindfulness-based movement practice that left her feeling balanced, calm and present, within and without. But even then she knew strength! As a full time cook and baker through her twenties, she swung and lifted 50-100 lb bags of flour, 20 loaf bread pans, giant pots and pans. After her kids came along, she retired from kitchen work and focused more on teaching yoga, completing her 500 hour YTT designation in 2015 through Semperviva Yoga College, where she specialized in prenatal, restorative, yin and vinyasa flow yoga.Though her body and practice seemed strong and well-balanced, she suffered a violent back spasm between births. She continued to have flare ups that affected her quality of life and trust in her body.

She came to realize that yoga was not enough. In order to heal, she added weight training and pilates to her practice, coinciding with a similar paradigm shift occurring in the yoga world: long time practitioners were sounding the alarm about common yoga injuries, and beginning to focus on what the postural practice lacked. She studied with yogis who viewed yoga through the lense of functional movement, resistance training, and contemporary body science. As her class offerings began to reflect this change, she refocused on what makes yoga unique, and not just another fitness class. She continues to study embodiment practices, and the neuroscience of yoga, where she finds language and science which confirm her experience: being present matters; being embodied matters; practicing relaxation matters; finding ease and stability within the fascial structure of the body matters, all of which enhance the rest of our movement practices and our everyday lives. 

Kenzie is a trailblazer who is finding her way. She offers something unique in the yoga world: a practice that draws on lived and learned wisdom, that meets students where they are at, and allows them to find commonality and useful tools to compliment all of the ways they wish to move and grow.

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John and Gisele

“Two years ago we were at a low in our fitness level. But we didn’t know it. We were about to turn 65…”

Sandra W

“The past 2 years has been a challenge for me as I became the sole care giver for my elderly parents.  Lots of things took a back seat…”

Tracey L

“One year ago today, I began my journey back to health…”

Ben V

“I have had the pleasure to have known Sheila for 5 years now and to have witnessed how she built her business from scratch in that time…”

Brian J

“In the fall of 2008 I was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure and was given the option to alter my life style or start taking medication…”

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