How can you keep your body healthy and pain-free with a physically demanding job?


The WorkSmart System is a program of exercises based on the latest scientific research. This system was designed by the it’s time! Fitness Results Team for people who want to take control of their spinal health, increase their mobility, strength, endurance and posture resulting in a healthier and more pain free life.

If you are experiencing back pain, you are not alone. In fact, at one time or another, back pain will affect over 80% of the population. It’s no wonder then that back pain is the #1 cause of disability in the world today.

Many back problems can stem from movement – how we move, or the lack of movement, and how we maintain our posture and alignment while we move. Repetitive movements and our environments can affect our posture. Prolonged sitting for work and school, as well as neck changes related to looking at screens and texting have become a huge component of back issues.  Moving our bodies in compromised ways leads to premature wear and tear, eventually leading to back pain. Exercising with these compromised movements that have been learned over time may be making matters worse, further aggravating back pain.

The good news is that you can unlearn those damaging postures and movements and learn healthy movement practices which we demonstrate in our WorkSmart program. Each exercise is very important and designed to address specific risk factors for the development of episodic and chronic pain and stiffness.These exercises are fundamental sensory-motor exercises to develop coordinated and stable movement for daily activities and also for further personal exercise programs and sports activities. The exercises are the foundation for proper movement, lifting techniques, and strength and should be performed in their entirety and in their written sequence. As these exercises require an advanced level of brain, nervous system and muscle control and neuroplasticity, optimal results are best observed after many repetitions have been performed or when they are very instinctive.

New for 2019 we have added a Worksmart Nutrition presentation, and expanded our back health talk to include issues of the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

On Nutrition: There are many important reasons to improve your nutritional profile that include body composition (% muscle and fat), blood chemistry, bone density, and prevention and /or improvement of disease. Our Precision Nutrition certified coaches at it’s time have identified the top 5 habits that we all can benefit from. We present the latest research on protein, alcohol, emotional eating and more to inspire even small changes that add up to long term success.

“Sheila, once again another great job on  demonstrating work smart practices in the work place and at home.

The documentation you presented along with all the exercise demonstration you colleges provided clearly shows your passion

for what you are trying to accomplish, increased mobility, strength, and posture all resulting in a healthier and more

Pain free life. This topped off with the nutrition guide you presented makes for a much happier, healthier work place.

We so look forward to having your team back next year.

Great Job Guy’s” – F. Jones, Samuel, Son & Co.


For details about our WorkSmart program, please contact our facility at 604-988-8463.

Message from Sheila, founder of it’s time! Fitness Results: As workplace back injuries continue to concern both the workers and their employers it is our hope that progressive companies will adopt this program to improve movement.  The goal is to reverse engineer the problem by working to prevent it in the first place. There are many costs associated with time off work due to a back injury. Employers would like to reduce these costs of course, but on an individual level you must work to reduce the personal cost of pain and suffering. You are the COO of you, and until you take your back seriously you are not going to be able to live your best life possible outside of work, as well as at work.

So whether you feel this applies to you right now or not chances are statistically high that a back issue will apply to you at some point. I’m passionate about educating you to do the very best you can. Backs can become stronger and resilient to repetitive stress. This program is a start to that. This is not a complete training program. Think of this as spinal hygiene – something you need to do every day for your back. Just as brushing your teeth is a habit, make this program a habit for your back.