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Kettlebell Workshops

If you are new please don’t miss Workshops # 1 and # 2 as they build a foundation of skills needed for advancing your kettlebell practice. The basics of the breathing, bracing, and hip hinge for the two hand kettlebell swing apply to all the advanced moves. 

The workshops are for all levels and for that reason we always have two coaches on hand. We can tailor the class and ensure everyone has an opportunity to advance their skills and have a good time doing so!

All Sunday Workshops are 1 hour long from 3:00-4:00pm.  They count as one class and you can register on your MindBody App.



Swing and TGU

Sept 22


Single Arm Swing and TGU

Oct 13


Single Arm Swing, Clean and Overhead Press

Oct 20


Single Arm Swing and Snatch

Nov 17


Squat, Windmill and Bent Press

Nov 24


Push Press and Jerk

Dec 8

Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition Q&A – Sunday September 29, 2019 3:00-4:00pm