it's time! Weight Loss Program

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  The it’s time! weight loss program is designed for people who are severely overweight or obese, with their weight negatively affecting their health and life, and who need special attention to reach their weight loss goals. This comprehensive program addresses the nutrition, exercise and support required for effective, healthy and sustainable weight loss. Weight loss is most effective when healthy habits, like exercise and consuming quality foods, become a lifestyle not just a flash in the pan experience. As eating habit specialists, we facilitate and implement these skills with science-based exercise and proper eating habits among other skills. We work closely with physicians and other practitioners to address your specific needs and goals.

Feel free to schedule an appointment and meet our specialists to learn more about the program and take in the atmosphere of the private training centre. We are a facility that strives to make an non-intimidating and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

What can I expect?

The it’s time! Weight Loss Program includes

  • private sessions with our expert trainers,
  • group exercise sessions in a welcoming, supportive environment,
  • Precision Nutrition coaching sessions (in person, or via ZOOM, Skype or phone).

For details about our Physician Referred Weight Loss Program, please contact our facility at 604-988-8463.

If you are severely overweight but in need of financial assistance to achieve your weight loss goals, you can apply for the Weight Loss Grants Program. This program provides cost reimbursement to assist the cost of weight loss programs for overweight men and women who have expressed a desire to lose the excess weight that’s negatively affecting their lives.

it’s time! Fitness results is pleased to be an accredited facility with the Weight Loss Grants Program.  

Before starting a program please get approval from the Weight Loss Grants Program if you plan on seeking reimbursement for the costs. You cannot use this grant for current gym memberships.

Message from Sheila Hamilton, owner of it’s time! Fitness Results: “With New Years looming around the corner a lot of people are making weight loss one of their top goals for 2019. However, few succeed. We say trust the process because that is what it is, a process. There is no quick fix. It takes time and patience to build lifelong habits which lead to LONG TERM SUCCESS. It also takes support and guidance. People often fail in their weight loss journey because they go at it alone. Hiring a personal trainer or nutritional coach requires a financial investment but this an investment in attaining your best self!