The Turkish Get Up Project Vancouver

1. Turkish Get Up Ready Set Go Postion

  1. Place your left arm and leg straight on the floor, about 45 degrees away from mid-line (like a snow angel). Set your neck and low back to neutral position. (Just a small curve in your low back.)

2. Turkish Get Up Stage 2 to Elbow

2. Place your right foot on the ground with your knee bent to 90 degrees, and angled slightly away from mid-line. Lead with the chest, drive into the ground with all three limbs until you have rolled up on your left forearm and elbow.  Slowly lower yourself back to the starting position, without letting your shoulder come unpacked.  Practice repetitions on both your left and right sides.

3. Turkish Get Up To Tall Sit Position

3. Keep both shoulders packed (away from ears/no shrugging) for the duration of the TGU and press through the palm of your hand until you left arm is straight (this is the “tall sit” position).

4. Turkish Get Up to High Bridge

Turkish Get Up Demonstration by Andrea 29 years young!

Turkish Get Up Demonstration By Ben 79 years young!


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