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It will change your life!

1. Ready Set Go Position

Place your left arm and leg straight on the floor, about 45 degrees away from mid-line (like a snow angel). Set your neck and low back to neutral position. (Just a small curve in your low back.)

2. TGU Elbow

Place your right foot on the ground with your knee bent to 90 degrees, and angled slightly away from mid-line. Lead with the chest, drive into the ground with all three limbs until you have rolled up on your left forearm and elbow.  Slowly lower yourself back to the starting position, without letting your shoulder come unpacked.  Practice repetitions on both your left and right sides.

3. TGU To Tall Sit Position

Keep both shoulders packed (away from ears/no shrugging) for the duration of the TGU and press through the palm of your hand until your left arm is straight (this is the “tall sit” position).

4. TGU To Matched Foot Position

Maintaining the Tall Sit position, bring your left foot in to match your right foot.

5. TGU Knee Pass

From the matched foot position, swoop your left knee under your left hip and plant on ground. As you place your knee on the ground try to ensure your left hand, left knee, and left ankle form a straight line on the floor.

6. Hinge To Half Kneeling

Hinge towards your bottom hip keeping spine neutral and rise torso up to a half keeling position.  Make a “windshield wiper” motion with the back leg so that both legs are now parallel in the bottom of a lunge position. Change your gaze (eyes) from on your hand or kettlebell to straight ahead.

7. Half Kneel Lunge to Standing

With control stand up from lunge position keeping feet hip-width apart.

8. Smile - Half Way There!

Step back with control and maitain control of balance before descending. Reverse the moves back to the floor position! Congratulations on completing your Turkish Get Up. Perfecting them through practice will change your life!

Turkish Get Up Demonstration by Andrea 29 years young!

Turkish Get Up Demonstration By Ben 79 years young!

Turkish Get Up Demonstration By Mark 29 years young!