Pam Roskell

Member since 2014

I joined it’s time! Fitness Results in late December 2014 on the advice of my long time chiropractor, Linda Drake. From my initial assessment I realized that it’s time! was different from all of the other bootcamps and gyms I had tried before. Andrea was so lovely and took the time to assess my strengths, range of motion, and body imbalances to see if I was capable of joining a group class, as well as which areas we needed to focus on. I was able to begin small group classes and since my enrollment I have been attending 4-5 classes per week on an unlimited program. I can’t say enough good things about Sheila’s staff….quality people, fun, caring, supportive and constant students in areas pertaining to fitness and client success. Nelson, Andrea, Sheila, Dave, Mark and Lauren all work together as your team to ensure the workouts are done properly for maximum results without injury.

Along with a great workout I really enjoy the social aspect of the gym, always a few laughs while working hard and supporting each other to be the best that we can be on any given day. Workouts focus on proper joint mobility, stabilization, core strengthening and cardio bursts. My mobility, strength and posture have greatly improved over the past 5 months, greatly decreasing my need for visits the chiropractor.

Thanks to Sheila for creating a good balance between hard work and fun and for hiring like-minded staff. Anyone looking for small groups, personal attention, excellent results and a lot of fun….this is the place.