John B. and Gisele R.

Members since 2017


“Two years ago we were at a low in our fitness level. But we didn’t know it. We were about to turn 65.
Six months earlier Gisele had broken her arm. She had slipped while walking on wet grass. The bone had healed but the soft tissue injury was giving her problems. 
John had popped out his right shoulder several times over the years. Reaching into the backseat of the car was not possible anymore. As well back problems were recurring.
We became aware of how easy it was to seriously harm ourselves and at this age how difficult was the recovery. We were seeing a physiotherapist, Niamh at Trimetrics for our issues, that now included hyper mobility. She and one of Gisele’s clients recommended It’s Time Fitness to us. They both said it was a special place and were right. 
Looking back now, we started out very, very slowly; there was a lot to learn. Mostly we needed to get back in touch with our bodies. To build up muscles that had been left dormant and then learn to coordinate their movement. But going just once a week for our semi-private with Briana, though wonderful were leaving us in pain. It was necessary to go more often. Over the months we added three classes spread over the week.
We are happy to be founding members of Sheila’s Cars, Core & Cardio. She is constantly adding to her immense store of knowledge on all things fitness; of which we are fortunately inundated. And Marty’s latin cardio is fun.
Andrea’s, take no prisoners StayStrong class is a tough and satisfying way to start the work week.
We initially thought Jess’s Stretch & Core would be an easy addition. It’s not. She has a way of finding new muscles to work on. More pain; more gain is what we’ve come to understand intimately.
Briana knows us so well now. Her programs have us feeling stronger and more capable in our daily activities. Gisele has slipped on ice and not fallen; and John can reach into the back seat and has no back problems. We see the benefits of it’s Time Fitness every day.”
– John and Gisele