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Dave Ewart

Personal Trainer

David Ewart’s passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle led him to the fitness industry over 8 years ago. After receiving his certification at the American College of Exercise as a strength coach, David challenged himself by gaining kettlebell knowledge under Master Sheila Hamilton’s guidance. David joined the It’s Time team in September 2012 and has excelled ever since.

David is certified in the Functional Movement Screen and has done StrongFirst kettlebell certifications 1&2 – they go hand in hand in assessing posture, core, and movement deficiencies. This allows David to make programs that strengthen the correct areas and bring clients to their specific goals. David really enjoys training young athletes and ones returning from injury and has great success in these endeavours.

David’s high energy and expertise makes him a great strength and conditioning coach for all levels and age groups!

Certification and Education

  • Certified Level 1 Functional Movement Specialist
  • StrongFirst SFG 2
  • Precision Nutrition Coach

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