Brian Jeffrey

Member since 2008

In the fall of 2008 I was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure and was given the option to alter my life style or start taking medication to keep my blood pressure under control. I chose the life style route and immediately embarked on a path of healthier living. For starters, I stopped adding salt to my meals, and now limit myself to one coffee per day. The most significant change, however, was the regimented exercise program I started with Sheila Hamilton.

Sheila and I met and mapped out some goals and expectations, and it was at this first meeting that I realised Sheila’s keen sense for detail. Her nursing background as well as her constant vigilance to stay current with the latest advancements in physical training and the latest in rehabilitation for sport related injury made her the perfect choice for me.

Sheila and I decided on a 2 session per week program focusing on strength and cardio. These sessions have become the cornerstone to my new physically active life style, and I look forward to them each week. Sheila is constantly bringing in new and innovative ways to keep our training fresh and exciting, so I never lose my motivation. It’s been over three years since I started training with Sheila and I have benefited immensely with weight-loss, improved cardio fitness, and overall strength. I feel great and look forward to many more years of staying healthy and training with Sheila; and by the way, my blood pressure has completely stabilized within a normal and healthy range!