Bill Neil


Bill came to it’s time! Fitness Results suffering from chronic leg, back and neck pain caused by a past car accident and years of desk work & inactivity.   Working closely over the last nine months with his trainer, Andrea Brennan, and our Chirofit partner, Dr. Olson, Bill and the team focused first on improving his mobility, then strengthening his core and finally building on these newly solid foundations.  We’re happy to report that his hard work has paid off and Bill is not only pain-free, but is quickly achieving his Olympic goals.

In his own words, “It took focus and dedication but working with the team at It’s Time has really paid off for me and is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Numbers on a chalkboard are great but I’ve seen huge improvements where it matters most to me – not having to take painkillers twice a day just to function, being able to carry my daughter again without putting my back out, and being fit enough to cycle with my son.”