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Andrea Brennan

Lead Kinesiologist/Personal Trainer

Andrea is our lead Kinesiologist and fitness coach. She joined it’s time! Fitness Results in January 2013, shortly after moving to Canada from Ireland and has never looked back! She feels privileged to work with the best of the best in the fitness industry.

She has always loved fitness and sports of all kind. She continues to play her favourite sports, Gaelic Football and Hurling, here in Vancouver and has been chosen to represent Vancouver in the North American and Western Canadian Championships. She loves to run, hike, bike and play golf. Andrea hopes to complete her first Triathlon in March of 2019.

Andrea was introduced to Functional Movement Systems and Kettlebell training by Sheila in 2012, both of which revolutionized her own training practices. In no time, Andrea was faster, stronger, and leaner, and to this day she continues to see changes in her own strength and performance. “Kettlebells have changed how I see movement. I love that they apply to all levels of fitness and ability.” In September 2018, she recertified as a Strongfirst Level 2 instructor for the second time. To pass this certification Andrea had to press one third of her body weight over head in one arm (22kg)!

Andrea is fun-loving and passionate about inspiring people to become more active and lead a healthier lifestyle. She is particularly passionate about helping people overcome injury through safe, progressive movement coaching. She has a keen eye for detail and uses therapeutic exercise as a rehabilitative tool for ICBC claims, sports injuries and medical conditions. “I get the most enjoyment when I see people progress from being in pain, to being strong, happy and healthy.”

Andrea graduated from Dublin City University in 2009 with an honours degree in Athletic Therapy and Training. She is passionate about continuing her education and keeps up-to-date with the latest research in exercise.

Certification and Education

  • StrongFirst SFG Certified Levels 1, 2
  • FMS Level 1/2 Certified with Foundational Strength Correctives
  • DNS Weight Lifting Exercise 1
  • Fitness First Aid and CPR/AED certified
  • McGill Two Hour Back Assessment
  • Prehab 101 & 201