We have several group training sessions running every day. The focus, style, and
coach of the classes may vary but the training principles remain the same


Our Classes Include:

• A warm up focused on mobility and activation of desired movement patterns through foam and ball rolling, stretching, and breathing techniques.
• Primal Moves® to improve core stability and movement patterning (e.g. crawling, rolling, etc.)
• Strength-training with kettlebell-focused skills, olympic weight-lifting, body weight exercises, and other tools such as TRXs, and dumbbells.
• Group metabolic exercises for fat-loss and to improve cardiovascular health.
• Cool-down and stretching.


We are here to get you fitness results and reach your goals. Talk to us about what it will take to get you there and we will create a membership just for you. Have some friends you want to pull together for a private training time? Ask us how that can work!

To register for any of the above groups or classes, please call 604-988-8463 or email