Our Group Training Sessions

We have a large variety of Group Training Sessions to choose from.  There’s a class for everyone, no matter your fitness level.  From stretching and strength, to back health and hockey, we have the perfect Group for you.  We offer a high coach-to-student ratio to ensure personalized instruction and safety.


BackSmart Level

Bulletproof Your Back

BackStrong Group Sessions offer a safe and progressive group training environment for anyone who is overcoming injuries (back, hips, shoulders, etc.) and also wants to work on their general fitness. This session works on mobility, core stability and strength followed by cardio. We are proud to offer some of these classes with 2 coaches to ensure client attention and safety is prioritized. These are good classes to attend if you are new to the gym. Exercises are programmed for many fitness levels so you can be sure to work at an appropriate level for you!

Prerequisites: Foam rolling, Diaphragmatic breathing, Neutral back, Hinge

Body Blast

All Levels

This small group is perfect for those looking for a high energy, multi-modal workout that combines strength and cardio. Programs will feature bodyweight training, barbells, kettlebells, and other equipment to “blast” the body!

Prerequisites: Basic kettlebell skills such as arm bar, Turkish Get Up and deadlift.

Bolder Shoulders

All Levels

A core and upper-body-intensive class everyone can use! We will cover shoulder health and maintenance, shoulder stability and shoulder strength. Expect a workout which covers the body from hips to head, all designed to get those shoulders working their best!


All Levels

Here’s your opportunity to get more training in with the program you need. These times are self directed with the eye and ear of a coach when needed.

The team would like to encourage all members to follow a training program. We encourage you to book a private session to discuss goal setting, have a FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and receive your personalized training program. 

There will also be ideas on the board to help guide you through the session if needed. What are your goals? This is a good time to be working specifically on them!




BackSmart Level

Join Louise as she takes you through total body maintenance.The Essentials class will focus on the basics of posture, core stability, intrinsic foot strength, balance as well as functional strength. The tempo of this class will be much slower than other classes to ensure that the attention to detail is prioritized. This is a great class for beginners and new clients of it’s time! Fitness Results to begin to learn and build strong core foundations in a group setting. 

We are also limiting this class to a maximum of 6 participants, to keep a more hands on approach. Signing up ahead of class is strongly recommended to ensure your place.

Expert Kettlebells

Advanced Level

Advance your kettlebell skills with the experts. This class takes more advanced kettlebell skills and challenges participants with a fast paced energetic program. Excellent class if you are considering taking a kettlebell certification.

Prerequisites: This is an advanced class and it’s recommended that participants be proficient in Level 1 and Level 2 skills (push press, jerk, bent press, windmill)


From the Ground Up

BackSmart Level

Starting with the feet on the Naboso Proprioceptive Mats this class will take you through intrinsic foot exercises to improve your arch and connection to the ground. Great for anyone who has foot and ankle issues and wants to learn how to improve and maintain their arches! Sheila will then take you through joint by joint range of motion, and work your core like never before with safe, effective programming that can be tailored to any level of fitness. This class is full of sound body maintenance basics that everyone needs! We finish with some nasal breathing cardio work and some interval training that meets you at your cardiovascular fitness level and builds on it.

Glute Lab I

All Levels

This class takes aim at those muscles we sit on all day and puts them through the paces. Our glutes don’t get used nearly as much as they should in our day to day life of sitting in cars, at desks, on sofas, etc. so come in and give your derrière some tough love! Using bands, body weight and some light kettlebells, we will spend an hour toning and strengthening the backside, with a bit of core work thrown in for good measure. Difficulty and intensity is tailored to the individual, so this class is suitable for everyone.

Please note: if you are new to Glute Lab training, please start with the level I class. Level II builds upon skills and strength built here.

Prerequisites: Participants should not currently be experiencing any back pain.

Glute Lab II

Intermediate Level

An Intermediate core and lower-body-intensive class every body can use! We will cover hip health and maintenance, hip stability and hip strength. Using barbells, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises, we will target the hips from all angles to build muscle definition and strength in the lower body.
PLEASE NOTE this class builds upon skills and strength gained in Glute Lab 1. Before registering, please see the instructor to ensure this is the right class for you!


All Levels

High Intensity Interval Training: This hour will push you to your limits with short bursts of high intensity exercise, alternating with rest periods. If you love loud music and high energy individuals, this class is for you! With the program changing every 6 weeks, your cardio will always be challenged to new levels. A current level of cardiovascular fitness is required for this class.

Prerequisites: Basic level of cardiovascular fitness (i.e. familiarity with sleds, assault bike) and a “Pain free” state (i.e. No acute injury)

Intrinsic Strength

Intermediate Level

This is a general strength and conditioning small group class, with a strong emphasis on movement quality. The program always included stretching and mobility, followed by various exercises to tone, build strength and improve overall fitness.

This is rated as intermediate.

Prerequisites: Kettlebell skills such as arm bar, Turkish Get Up and the swing.

Kettlebell Athletics

All Levels – Group Training Session

KB Athletics is designed to give you a whole body work out with predominately compound exercises. Compound exercises are the staple of functional movement and provide more caloric expenditure as well as increasing muscle mass.
Utilizing the KB it allows an easy transition from exercise to exercise and provides whole body strength and conditioning. It also provides very efficient core and glute strength needed for day to day life or for the individual playing recreational sport. Although the KB is the primary tool in the group we are not limited to its use and will utilize all tools in the it’s time! tool box.

Prerequisites: Level 1 kettlebell skills (i.e. TGU, swing, clean)


Kettlebell Conditioning

Advanced Level

The kettlebell has been used for centuries as a weapon against weakness! Recently, it has taken the health and fitness industry by storm and for the right reasons! At it’s time! Our strongfirst certified trainers have created a class devoted to kettlebells, using them to help improve mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Prerequisites: Participants must be proficient in Level 1 kettlebell skills (TGU, armbar, squat, swing, snatch, clean).

Morning Kettlebells

Advanced Level

Maximum 12 participants

This very dynamic class covers all variables of training at a higher intensity. Utilizing a high-paced dynamic warm up, we prepare the body for an intense focused work out. Having experience at it’s time! is required. Bring your “A” game!

Prerequisites: Level 1 Kettlebell skills (Turkish Get Up, swing, clean, squat, press) and the ability to work at a high intensity

Power Hour

Intermediate Level

Start your day off on the right foot with this fun, energetic class. Join a group of people who love to laugh, sweat and get strong all before attacking their day. This is a general strength and conditioning class which covers a large variety of movements using barbells, TRX, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. We will always save time for a cardiovascular finisher.

This is an intermediate class and it’s recommended that you have done some of our kettlebell technique classes prior to joining.

Prerequisites: Hinge or Deadlift, squat, armbar, familiarity with kettlebell skills, and a “Pain Free” state (i.e. no acute injury)

Simple & Sinister Kettlebell Skills 


This class is Sheila’s take on training for the StrongFirst Simple and Sinister program with an emphasis on kettlebell skills and technique.

You must have permission from Sheila to join this class. You are required to have solid technique on the Turkish Get Up and Single Arm Kettlebell swing.

The class will focus on the mobility and core essentials for the S & S program. The Sinister training will be timed to meet the Strongfirst standards.

The Task:

5 minutes:

10 One Hand Swings to chest level every 30 seconds.

Switching hands each set

One minute rest

10 minutes

One Turkish Get Up every minute on the minute alternating left and right.

The Simple Goal Weights:


Get Up: 16 Kg

Swing: 24 Kg


Get Up: 32 Kg

Swing:  32 Kg

Strengthen Your Balance

All Levels

This all levels program has been developed to enhance and improve your balance, combining some proprioception and coordination work. During this class we will focus on static positions and dynamic balance movements in addition to strength and core exercises in order to help to feel better and more stable when moving. Whether you want to be more confident on your stand up paddle, avoid a fall when hiking or simply get stronger for your everyday life, this class will definitely fit you well!

Stretch and Core

BackSmart Level

Jessica will take this group through breathing, self myo-facial release, joint mobilizations, and core conditioning. 60 minutes of body maintenance, they don’t call it soft tissue for nothing! This is a great class for beginners and new clients of it’s time! Fitness Results to begin to learn and build strong core foundations.

Prerequisites: none

Stretch, Core and Balance

BackSmart Level

Join Rafael as he takes you through total body maintenance. He will cover breathing, self myofascial release, joint mobilizations and core stability. An entire 60 minutes will be spent going through each joint segmentally looking at everything from range of motion, stability, balance and posture.

This is a great class for beginners and new clients of it’s time! Fitness Results to begin to learn and build strong core foundations.

Turkish Get Up for Kids 8- 14

All Levels

Calling all kids 8-14 into the gym for a complimentary hour with it’s time! trainers who are keen to teach you the Turkish Get Up. This move becomes a fun practice that works on posture, core, hip and shoulder stability, and overall fitness. We look forward to playing with the gym equipment in a fun way to improve the way you move.


Wake Up Squad

All Levels

This very dynamic class covers all variables of training, including stability, strength and conditioning. We use a wide variety of training tools (kettlebells, TRX, speed ladder, etc) and the 75 minute duration ensures we hit everything your body needs! 
Prerequisites: Hinge or deadlift, squat, armbar, and a pain free state. Participants should also be able to work at a moderate intensity.

Wonder Women

All Levels

This is a fun and lively small group of individuals who love to chat and laugh while they work their butt’s off. This is a general strength and conditioning class, with a strong emphasis on movement quality. The program always included stretching and mobility, followed by various exercises to tone, build strength and improve overall fitness.

This is rated as intermediate.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with kettlebells (swing, Turkish get up, armbar)

What our clients have to say

John and Gisele

“Two years ago we were at a low in our fitness level. But we didn’t know it. We were about to turn 65…”

Sandra W

“The past 2 years has been a challenge for me as I became the sole care giver for my elderly parents.  Lots of things took a back seat…”

Tracey L

“One year ago today, I began my journey back to health…”

Ben V

“I have had the pleasure to have known Sheila for 5 years now and to have witnessed how she built her business from scratch in that time…”

Brian J

“In the fall of 2008 I was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure and was given the option to alter my life style or start taking medication…”

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