The BackSmart System

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Bulletproof your back?
  • Understand the hows and whys of back and neck pain?
  • Stop wasting your time doing exercises your body doesn’t need?
  • Learn what might be unknowingly hurting your back at home and in the gym?
  • Easily perform at home a core and posture strengthening exercises program?

Then read on for relief that could change your life!

Is the BackSmart System right for me?

If you have back and/or neck pain the BackSmart System can help. This program has been specially developed for people who want to learn a safe and effective exercise program for their back and neck to help relieve pain while increasing flexibility and core strength. After three private one-on-one sessions at our facility, patients can continue the exercises at home without the need for a gym or expensive equipment. The BackSmart System can also be incorporated into any existing exercise/fitness program. The program is appropriate for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced.

How was the BackSmart System developed?

The BackSmart System is based on the latest scientific information and research regarding effective core training and back pain prevention. The BackSmart system was co-created by chiropractor Dr. David Olson and Sheila Hamilton. Dr. Olson brings 35 years of experience in successfully advising and treating back and neck pain of all kinds. He believes that education is a key factor in maintaining spinal health. Sheila Hamilton is a certified strength and conditioning coach and founder of it’s time! Fitness Results in North Vancouver. Sheila and her team train people of all ages and abilities and fitness levels with current research based methods for strengthening and conditioning.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to start a home based back-friendly exercise and injury prevention program
  • How to stop wasting your time doing exercises your body doesn’t need
  • How to move the body more efficiently and safely with more power and strength
  • How to activate the core in all daily activities to protect the spine
  • How to bulletproof your back and understand the causes of back and neck pain
  • How to prevent back stress and injuries during any workout session
  • How to rely less on massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments
  • All about the movements, activities and exercises that may be unknowingly hurting your back at home and in the gym

What is included in the BackSmart System?

The BackSmart System includes:

  • Detailed professional consultation and assessment
  • A series of three private tutoring sessions combining specialized exercises and back education (at the it’s time! Fitness Results training facility)
  • A personalized back health exercise program you can continue on your own – at home or at the gym

For pricing information, please contact it’s time!

How do I enroll in the BackSmart System?

It’s easy!

Book your program and assessment by contacting it’s time! Fitness Results or Dr. Olson’s Edgemont Village Chiropractic office – that’s it! You’ll get all the information needed to get started.

DR. DAVID OLSON AND SHEILA HAMILTON at  it’s time! Fitness Results in North Vancouver, B.C.

What our clients have to say

John and Gisele

“Two years ago we were at a low in our fitness level. But we didn’t know it. We were about to turn 65…”

Sandra W

“The past 2 years has been a challenge for me as I became the sole care giver for my elderly parents.  Lots of things took a back seat…”

Tracey L

“One year ago today, I began my journey back to health…”

Ben V

“I have had the pleasure to have known Sheila for 5 years now and to have witnessed how she built her business from scratch in that time…”

Brian J

“In the fall of 2008 I was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure and was given the option to alter my life style or start taking medication…”

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