The it’s time! Difference

We want to make you stronger, and help you move more efficiently.

Sheila and her team strive to maintain current knowledge of health and fitness issues through an ongoing education in health and fitness practices. With 3 full-time experienced kinesiologists on staff, all trainers being certified in the Functional Movement Screen, and with most trainers being certified in StrongFirst kettlebell and strength-training principles, you can be sure you are receiving the care and attention to detail you deserve. 

This knowledge, along with Sheila’s background in the medical profession, allows the team to help clients achieve their goals. Our methods and practices are science-based and evidence-based, delivered in an atmosphere of support and enthusiasm for client success.

We believe that individuals must commit quality time to a fitness program to optimize results.

We are committed to helping clients achieve their fitness goals, assessing each client and creating a personalized training program that will ensure optimal results. Our knowledge, experience, and passion for strength and conditioning come together to motivate individuals to better their lives through an individualized training program.

At it’s time! Fitness Results, we know how precious your time is. We also know that when fitness goals are realized effectively and in a timely manner, one’s life is enriched on all levels – physical, emotional, and psychological.

Contact us to get started on your personalized fitness plan right now.

Phone: 604 – 988 – 8463

Our gym was purpose-built in 2012 from the ground up. We took great care to ensure the space would be versatile, comfortable and most of all functional. The open concept used makes it easy to train groups, individuals or a combination of the two. It’s perfect for conducting the large assortment of classes it’s time! Fitness Results offers. The equipment in our gym was carefully selected from leading manufacturers to ensure safety, and quality (no out of service machines). It’s no ordinary array of equipment, we use specialized kettlebells, body-weight exercise apparatuses, barbells and many more. Our facilities are clean and modern and include free lockers. Call today and ask for a tour, we’re very proud of our facility and love to show it off!

Our Mission Statement

it’s time! Fitness Results is dedicated to improving the overall health and fitness level of our clients through a comprehensive, safe, effective, and appropriate training program implemented in a timely manner.

Our Core Values

it’s time! Fitness Results operates under these Core Values:

  • Exceed Expectations
  • We not Me
  • Continual Learning
  • Connection
  • Happiness