What Are You Waiting For? If you are not working on your health you are not improving it.

Both the figurative and literal message for this blog as we enter 2020: The enthusiasm and hope a new decade brings coupled with improving your feet will ensure you improve your health in 2020. 

If you are not working on your health you are not improving it. 

No matter what you are hoping to change the start of a new year brings a feeling of hope that one can. What I have learned about goal setting and change this last year seems to point to the fact that evolution and technology are working against us. The science of human behaviour is complex and if you feel like it’s your personal lack of willpower or strength then it might help you to know that you are not alone. Human evolution pays a role and “our” resistance to change is universal.

I’m fairly confident that taking care of your feet is not currently on your resolution list! 

“Think about the most common New Year’s resolutions: Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more. The fact is, many of us don’t need to come up with original New Year’s resolutions – we can simply use our list from last year. They don’t seem so hard on paper, but in practice, behaviour change is difficult,” writes Uri Gneezy in The Behavioural and Economics Guide 2019. 

The 263 page Behavioural and Economics Guide was shared by my instructor at Simon Fraser University Adam King on Linkedin. It’s packed with change management ideas directed at more than simply reducing your waistline and improving the arch of your foot. That said as I learn about change management and leadership for my business at SFU I learn that the principles of change are the same. We are all humans and our thoughts and bias’ influence our behaviour Finding ways to lead change in a business for productivity, employee engagement, or savings are similar to those on a personal level with a client for improved health outcomes. It will be more successful if we tease out the why of our change, and slowly find ways to nudge ourselves in a positive direction in 2020.

We build up many bias’ that influence our thoughts and behaviours that drive our daily life from the background of our brain. Without something that opens your mind and then drives your actions to change the cycle of resisting change continues. Your present bias deters you from even starting to make a change because the results are too far in the future and the cost/work associated with the results feel too great. Providing yourself with incentives upfront can work for some folks because it addresses the present bias. Make your incentives happen in a short time frame so the future does not seem so far off and you can see your progress with short term compliance wins.

Why you need to change is unique to you. You need to reflect on your software. Opening yourself to a little change at a time, and scaling the change to a level you can be consistent with is a good start. Based on Nobel Prize winning research from the fields of behavioural economics and cognitive psychology called the EAST framework. Make the change EASY, ATTRACTIVE, SOCIAL, AND TIMELY to “nudge” yourself into more positivity no matter what kind of change you are thinking about. 

Don’t miss the benefit of a little change. 

Little changes offer better compliance. Another thing to be aware of here when thinking about change is how much of your behaviour are you willing to give up? Don’t make the mistake of looking for outcomes when you haven’t looked at the behaviours that produce the outcomes. Losing 15 pounds is the outcome but the behaviour might need to be to stop eating out 3x per week.

True or False?  Working on Your Feet Will Help You Lose Weight?

My truth for you today is that improving your feet will improve your health. At every age and fitness level there is work to do. In fact if you don’t take this advice I would bet that your aging feet will continue to negatively impact your health. If you have foot, knee, hip or pain, bunions, loss of arch, or any “itis”, it’s a reflection that your base and your body are not aligned. 

If you can’t move well then you can’t improve your health and so start with this homework sheet and connect with us at it’s time! If you are interested in more programming to improve your feet and impact your health.

If weight loss is needed…..

Which of the following is the MOST important trait to possess when attempting to lose weight?

  1. Willpower
  2. Perseverance
  3. Optimism
  4. Patience

One of the world’s leading experts on body composition Dr. Bill Campbell, from the University of South Florida regularly posts current truths such as this one from his research on fat loss on his Instagram: @billcampbellphd. #4 Patience is the correct answer. At his presentation for the 2019 NSCA National Strength and Conditioning Conference in Washington, D.C. on The Science of Weight Loss he highlighted three key principles regarding body composition:

#1 The Rate Of Weight Loss Should Be Slow
#2 Do Not Decrease Dietary Protein When Dieting
#3 Perform Resistance Training During Caloric Restriction

I wish you health improvement in 2020.  “Entering the New Decade with the Right Foot” was written to support and encourage any changes you can make. Whatever you are hoping to change the start of a new year brings a feeling of hope that we can, myself included. 

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Written by: Sheila Hamilton: Copyright Jan 2020


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