Disease IS a lack of health

I’m always looking for a new way to deliver the health message.  This investment is not taken lightly by me as I have felt privileged to be able to continue to learn. I want the return on investment to be more than monetary. I need courses to change my actions and thinking. I need a return on investment.

So how do I decide what to invest in?

What changes clients? What advances health? What is the magic bullet to longevity and good health? The answers to these questions are important to me a I continue to navigate my way through my work in fitness and my own life. Sharing exercises is fun and helpful but it’s the sharing on a deeper level that will advance your health and prevent disease. It’s more than movement, it’s breathing, sleeping, and food. It’s the former nurse in me that drives a need to improve the overall health of our society. 


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Last Month’s Investment

Dr. Perry Nickelston of “Stop Chasing Pain” fame has created some interesting and progressive content for his Lymphatic Mojo course. Yes, I travelled to Pasadena, California to hear Nickelston delve into his material on the bodies lymphatic system with passion. This course wasn’t one for a typical personal trainer looking for those new exercise variations. In fact at first I was very much questioning the return on investment. It’s in the month since the course that I’m settling into the message I want to share with you. Taking a two day course has not made me an expert on lymph all of a sudden, but it has opened up my thinking on priorities. Treating your body like garbage and putting garage into it stagnates health and lets the disease processes in. 

Garbage In = Garbage Out

Making the connection between how we feel every day and our lifestyle factors is key to our wellness. If we aren’t feeling so great (fatigue, bloating, excess weight, brain fog, acid reflux, constipation, skin issues, allergies, you name your “itis”) and ask ourselves why, it’s a start to figuring out what you can modify to turn that around. I’m saying that adding some things in and taking some things out will both help. Dr. Nickelston’s suggestions are just that: depending on how much better you are wanting to feel will dictate your motivation to apply some of his suggestions. 

Nickelston believes one of the roles of body fat is the storage of toxins. If you aren’t losing body fat it could be because you are in lymph system failure and until you change that you will have limited or no success at losing weight. “You are not fat, you are toxic,” states Dr. Perry. (And yes that’s what most folks call him!)

Think of your body as an ecosystem, and that ecosystem has a hierarchy from the brain at the top with your physical and emotional stress, right through your systems including lymph, circulation, organs, muscle, fascia, and joints, with your skin at the bottom of the hierarchy. Nickelston compares it to an aquarium that needs to have all the systems working for the water to be clear and the fish to thrive. When we have a system failure, we have symptoms. It’s not the symptoms that we should be treating but the systems. Traditional medicine treats symptoms. When the going gets tough the symptom treatment comes with a high price of side effects. Throw in a lot of fear and guilt and we can see why the pharmaceuticals add up. Literally and figuratively this could be you so step back and look at your ecosystem.

Look at Systems not Symptoms 

Nickelson’s own story unfolds over the course of the weekend. A doctor of Chiropractic who practices little of that now as he travels the world 45 weekends a year instructing. Repeated infections, brain fog and thoughts of ending his life are in the past as now Nickelston is the picture of health and full of energy and passion to teach and help us optimize our health and live without pain.

Many of the attendees were at this workshop because they suffer from chronic pain, which he believes is any pain lasting more than 6 weeks. Even those of us without chronic pain have a degree of stress, both physical and emotional, and toxins in their environment resulting in inflammation. 

Inflammation causes loss of motion in the tissues and healthy tissue should not hurt when you press on it. Registered Massage Therapist Diana Ljuljovic of Northview Health and Wellness Centre has been working for many years with clients that have lymph issues such as lymphedema post cancer treatment and surgery. Ljuljovic was kind enough to lend me books, gift me a lymphatic treatment and explain some of the mysteries of the lymphatic system. She agrees with some of the action steps I list below.

Moving the lymph can be done by visiting a lymphatic drainage specialist but practically speaking you have to learn our to move it yourself. There are only two things that are going to move your lymph – diaphragmatic breathing and human movement. 

Perry’s system also includes feather light touch, tapping, thumping, jumping, rubbing, brushing, and shaking to get the lymph moving. He cautions against going all out at first, as the detoxification you experience may make your symptoms temporarily worse before they get better. Also a big red flag is performing any of his techniques when constipated.

Elimination of toxins in our body occurs through many of our systems. The liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, lymph, breath and gastro-intestinal system are all working to keep you from being toxic. Notice breath is on this list so learning how to breathe using your whole diaphragm and not just your belly is key here. 

Waking up the system is a practice that can take from 1 minute to 15 depending on the intention and your symptoms. The quick resets is where I see application to personal training, as I saw benefits to my shoulder and ankle mobility immediately. Trust me when I say that many reach a sticking point when trying to improve mobility. Think about those shoulder stretches. Have they been working? Perhaps a little, but this is a game changer that is so easy to add in.

 “You can’t get well within the same environment you got sick in,” states Nickelston. So change is needed and there are lots of places to start looking and little tiny actions to start doing.

Facts On Lymph from my notes at Nickelston’s course:
  • You have over 10 L of lymph in you body.
  • There are over 700 lymph nodes in you body and 1/3 of them are located in your neck.
  • Lymph is a colorless liquid that is the sewage system of your body. It’s primary job is to get rid of cellular waste helping the body heal.
  • Lymph has a deep connection to your gut. 70 – 80% of your immune system comes from the gut. Your ability to fight infections and recover from pain is a critical part of the lymph.
  • The top five collective spots for lymph are found in the collarbones, arm pits, abdominals, groin, and behind the knees.
What little tiny action steps can you take from the list below?
  1. Do a 5 step Lymphatic Reset each morning. 5 slaps to the body at 130 beats per minute in the following order:
    1. just below the collarbone
    2. under the arm
    3. sternum/belly
    4. hip crease
    5. behind the knees
  2. Drink structured water (With lemon, lime, or pinch salt) daily.
  3. Get your body fluids moving with a Calf Pump – Stand up and lightly bounce at 130 beats per minute for 1 minute.
  4. Walk with purpose as much as possible. Set time aside daily to move more in a variety of ways and environments. 
  5. Breathe with the diaphragm.

Bonus! Put on your favourite music and do a little dance. Get your body moving in whatever way suits you!

Your body is under no obligation to work for you. Let’s get on track to advance your health and longevity so we all can enjoy that return on our investment. 

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Written by: Sheila Hamilton Copyright Oct 2019


Notes and slides for Lymphatic Mojo course: https://www.stopchasingpain.com/lymphatic-mojo/

Diana Ljuljovic RMT: Northview Health and Wellness Centre 604-986-3771


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