In today’s world we have a lot of knowledge on fitness and overall health, let’s call it wellness but many of us are challenged to apply it to ourselves. 

Have you ever wished you had the knowledge you have now, years ago? The kind of would of, could of, should of…if I only knew? 

Are you applying one set of rules to yourself and another for those around you? Do you know better practices than what you are doing? Or perhaps you just don’t know? 

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Here’s an example of applying one set of rules to yourself and another to a child or grandchild: Buying a bag of cookies to give to them that you won’t eat yourself. If you are not going to eat them…why? And why are you giving them to the kids?

Have you told the kids to get off the couch, take a break from gaming, and exercise but don’t role model this yourself? Is it because of a sore foot, hip, or back? Have you let excuses like this get in the way of your attempt to get results?

There’s some good advice here on Feet, Food and Movement. Pick one that will help you improve your wellness. Please download and apply to yourself daily!

“When you practice taking care of your body you feel better living in it.” ~ Leslie Schilling


I find that people are always looking for the reason that they have some sort of issue or limitation. The sore foot limits your ability to walk, and running flares your “itiis.” Shin splints, plantar issues, flat feet, bunions, hammer toes, knee and hip issues, pelvic floor issues and core issues could all be improved with better control of your feet. Now you officially have heard me say “Look to your feet!”

Now that you know this will you take my advice? Should have, could have, would have….

Your Feet Need to be Trained. Start here!


You don’t have time to meal prep and plan so that’s the reason you have to eat out or order in more than you should. Now you know you should do otherwise but you continue to find many reasons to avoid changing your wellness outcomes through improving your nutrition. How long will you continue with habits that lead you further away from your goals than closer to them? Should have, could have, would have…

Your Food Needs to Be Made. Start here


You don’t have time to go to a gym or have a training plan.  Although I highly recommend this I hope to convince you of the benefits of learning the Turkish Get Up and practicing it every single day of your life. I have tried to introduce you to the “Turkish Get Up” a few times over the years of speaking on the radio. It will improve your posture and core strength, shoulder and hip mobility. It will give you the ability to get up and down from the floor. Getting up and down from the floor is associated with many positive health benefits. As we age we never want to lose this ability! This is good advice that you haven’t taken me up on before so now is the time to change that. Own your joints and bring this incredible movement practice into your life! I’m re-introducing the Turkish Get Up Project Vancouver. I dream of walking by a park and seeing people practice the Turkish Get-Up. 

Enter the TGU Project and gift yourself more mobility, stability, and strength as your practice grows. No should have, could have, would have….

Your Body Needs to be Move. Start here!

“When you practice taking care of your body you feel better living in it.” ~ Leslie Schilling

The team and I worked together to put this information together for you.

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Written by: Sheila Hamilton Copyright Sept 2019


(-1) Ideas from “Born To Eat”: Leslie Schilling & Wendy Jo Peterson Copyright 2017 P. 120, 139

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Notes from Strongfirst Level 2 assisting and recertification: Denver, Co – August 2019

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