Are you a good Chief Operating Officer of you?

As the year draws to a close once again we all should sit back and take an inventory of how 2018 has unfolded. In my business it’s called the year end review. Taking an inventory of the stock on hand and systems in place. Are the systems working? By what measures are we evaluating the business?

If we switch this focus back to personal and pose similar but more probing questions to yourself you can get an idea of how to assess and take stock of your health and well being. Whether you own a business or not you are the COO – Chief Operating Officer – of you. Answer these questions truthfully to tap into whether what you are doing is serving or working for you.  Need some things to change? Then let’s also take a new approach to what you can do to effectively make change. Where you start will make more sense when you have a clear idea of where you are at now, and what aspects of change will have the biggest impact on your wellbeing and bringing out the best in yourself.

I brainstormed with colleague Andrea Brennan on this topic a few weeks ago. We both travelled to Atlanta to take a Foundational Strength and Functional Movement Level 2 course. The FMS system is “easy” in a way once you understand that everything is connected. Addressing one movement impairment or imbalance can positively influence many other movement patterns in the body. We threw a high five at each other when applying this principle to overall health and wellness. Could there be an algorithm of correction for health and wellness?  We think yes, and evaluating where you are is a great place to start.

Before we get to the meat and potatoes lets review the classic tried, true, and sometimes successful way of setting goals.

Are you setting unrealistic goals?

Old school and classic model of goal setting tells us:

  • To put them in writing.
  • Make goals specific and measurable
  • Give them a timeline
  • Make them realistic!

Smart Goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Are you setting too many goals at once?

Have you heard about the Power of Less? Author Leo Babauta emphasizes this point  in stating:

The only way you will form long lasting habits is by applying the power of less. Focus on one habit at a time which brings in success rates of 80%. When we get too ambitious and attempt two habits simultaneously, the success rate drops to below 20% for either habit. (-1)

Are your goals really going to serve you?

Are your goals outcome based or there is a big difference. Typically we can set ourselves up for failure by making lofty outcome based goals that do not contain the elements of smaller behaviour changes (think habits) that will bring success.

In another example we are usually pretty good at setting goals for things that we are already good at. I like to go to the gym and so my gym based goals come easily to me. Achieving them can give me a semblance of success but behind the scenes and in my own mind (my biggest demon) lies a number of things that really could be better if I was prepared to address them.

Where are you on the readiness and commitment to change continuum?

On one end we have low commitment and we wish, hope, and would like to change. On the other end is the high commitment folks who really want change and are willing to put effort and commit to the work needed. Either end of this continuum can result in change but it requires you to find a realistic place that works for you to start if you want a chance of success.

How prepared are you to answer these probing questions with truth, heart, and courage so that you can really impact the areas that need to change? Ready to take a look? Peel back the layers of the onion and see what lies underneath the surface? Is there a huge abyss that needs to be filled?

Did you achieve last years goals? If not, why not?

Is what you’re doing working for you?

Are you getting results?

Maybe you are doing good…could it be better?  Yes, it can always be better. This is where I suggest you may need another area of focus.

Probing Questions:


#1  Soul and Spirit
  • Have you found what makes you happy?
  • Are you accepting of yourself?
  • Do you feel you have a purpose in life?
  • Are you in the church of nice? With every religion just be nice.
  • What motivates you?
  • Do you have a circle of support around you? Friends and or family.
  • Do you feel you have quality in your relationships?
  • Do you feel you are living an authentic life?
  • What is eating at you?  If you don’t look within, you go without.
#2 Health Measures
  • Are you prioritizing your own health?
  • Do you do enough self-care? There is huge value in taking care of yourself first.
  • Do you get regular medical check-ups?
  • Is your weight where you want it to be?
  • Do you have regular bowel movements?
  • Is your urine a light yellow color and does it have a strong odor?
  • Do you get enough sleep? Do you know how much sleep allows you to function at your best?
#3 Nutrition
  • Are you drinking enough water? Eating nutritious foods? Fiber?
  • How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat daily?
  • Do you eat enough protein for your aging and fitness goals with each meal?
  • Do your good habits outweigh your not so good habits? Alcohol, sugar, emotional, and mindless eating to name a few.
  • How many times a week do you eat out or order in?
  • Do you do enough meal planning and preparation?
  • Do you eat until you are more 80% full on a regular basis?
#4 Exercise
  • Are you getting enough exercise? How many times a week are you active for more than 30 minutes?
  • Do you do any strength or resistance training?
  • Have you achieved your fitness and or aesthetic goals?
  • Are you still suffering from the same aches and pains you did last year?
  • Do you have the same postures and bad habits?
Make your Standard Operating Procedure

Based on your answers to the probing questions perhaps you have discovered a key area that could use your focus. Creating an SOP – Standard Operating Procedure will help you to formulate that area with more intention and focus.

While there are so many components to success there are also many to failure. If we look to one thing for the fix it often does not happen because it’s more complicated than that one thing!

Have you been going after the wrong thing?


I’m saying you can’t blame one thing, and I’m also suggesting that you focus on changing one thing at a time.

Focus on one qualitative instead of quantitative! Get yourself going with 90% compliance on one “thing” before adding another “thing” into the operating plan.

Assess, plan, and reassess. What non-negotiable change have you decided to focus on?

You only own your own body so I encourage you to take care of it inside and out. Looking at the graphic you can get a sense of the algorithm.

Make a positive change in one thing and it will change other things!

In her article “Six Steps to Positive Change,“ author Shelley Levitt writes and quotes from psychologist Dr. Susan Whitbourne that our ability for change doesn’t carry a “best before” date. At any age, we can change aspects of ourselves, and most people want to change at least some aspect of their personality. The great news follows that when you start to change your behaviors there is a favorable effect on how you think about yourself. Win-win!

I take the responsibility of coaching very seriously. I believe I can make a difference and hold the opportunities I have been given close to my heart. As I continue to learn I continue to lead. We are living proof that taking care of yourself improves your wellbeing and happiness.  Set yourself apart and hold yourself to some new standards in 2019 to bring out the best in yourself.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you! Take care of yourself.

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Written by: Sheila Hamilton and Andrea Brennan copyright Dec 2018


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