Turkish Get Ups Will Change Your life!

Although there are many articles already written on the Turkish Get Up and the benefits of learning it, I find there are still many people who do not know what it is.

What it is can be a little hard to describe verbally. What it becomes, with practice, is really different for everyone that learns it. The benefits are there for your mind and body, and the magic of the Turkish Get Up will take time for you to understand.

“The TGU is an elegant exercise that combines almost every shape your body needs to move through, and every motor pattern necessary for human development and function,” writes Chiropractor and StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Dr.Travis Jewett. In his article “The Turkish Get Up – A Clinician’s Perspective,” he evaluates the Turkish Get Up in six parts and summarizes that one can quickly see issues with joint stability when watching a client learn the exercise.

Personally, it has changed my life in more ways than I can describe. My goal with the Turkish Get Up Project Vancouver is that it will change your life as well. Bringing together a city of people from all fitness levels and ages to improve their movement competency, skill, posture, and strength.

I can convince anyone over 40 that learning a move with so many benefits is worthwhile. If you learn this move and do it every day for the rest of your life you would never lose the ability to get up and down from the floor. I ask you, “Just how long has falling been a problem for seniors?” We now have research that links your ability to get up and down from the floor with no assistance to your longevity. This should be reason enough to start learning today.

Under 40? Under 20? Well, convincing you that it would improve your core strength, give you abdominal definition, and make you look sexier on a date might be a little harder, but I could do it if you gave me some time! I ask you another question that has been bothering me. “Why don’t females have a strong core before getting pregnant?” Lastly, “When did our youths stop having a neck?” Now all I see is bent over heads looking at the phone!

I believe this project can help you all! Join us in The Turkish Get Up Project Vancouver!

Karen Smith is a StrongFirst SFG Master Instructor and writes in her article, “This Exercise Can Save Your Life- Seriously!”, that “The TGU will improve your rolling, hinging, lunging, standing, kneeling, and pressing abilities. You will begin to increase your mobility, stability, and strength with just this one skill.”

Called TGU’s for short this exercise can be used as any of the following, and not necessarily in this order:

  • A warm-up
  • An assessment
  • A corrective exercise
  • An exercise
  • A lift
  • A life-saving skill


Learn the Turkish Get Up in stages over the next few weeks so that you can practice and improve your skill. Check with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine if you are concerned this will be too hard for you. The Turkish Get Up can be modified for almost every fitness level and movement challenges, so don’t get discouraged if you hit a road block.  We will be able to find a modification for you!

Please do this at your own risk. I feel I had to put that in somewhere because of liability, but let’s face the facts here. We all need to move more and so take this project on for yourself. If you need to consult a doctor or medical or fitness professional for help then do so. Ask us questions on Facebook and let us move better together Vancouver!

Let us unite on this movement and put our city on the map for movement improvement. The Turkish Get Up Project Vancouver  will showcase to the world that our city is changing the way we age because we have the knowledge to do so.

Show me pictures and send me videos please to: sheila@itstimefitnessresults.com or post on it’s time! Fitness Results Facebook page.


Get creative and strong and let’s be the change that posture has been looking for.

I had a dream about this project and have been talking about it happening for too long. So today I put it out there to you and ask that with your help, we can all benefit. I want to meet you all in a big park one day and do the Turkish Get Up together – just how many will be ready?


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