If I start today then by December I could feel....?

You have to start somewhere!

Your busy schedule, your bad knees, the weight you’ve put on since high school. It is your distaste for sweating and breathing hard, your fear of looking stupid, your self-defeating low self-esteem. It is every rationalization you’ve ever made for not doing what needs to be done to properly care for the only body (and mind)  you’ll ever have. It is the misguided modern notion that anything uncomfortable isn’t worth doing. -1

Last week we determined that we have a priority problem not a time problem. So now we need to prioritize some needs and turn them into achievable results. Learn how to chunk your time between now and December to get you started.

Chunking can mean both grouping small things into larger chunks, and splitting large things into smaller chunks. It’s like framing and reframing to actually mix your priority and time together so that action happens!

Pick an element of fitness as a lifestyle: movement, mindset, sleep, recovery, or nutrition and think about chunking your time to progress your goal between now and December.

Chunking is a concept that can apply to many different areas of one’s life. When coaching a client a new movement for example I will break the new concepts down into smaller bits or chunks in order for the client to successfully learn. Teaching them a whole series of things may confuse and overwhelm so it’s easier to take a “chunk” and learn a chunk at a time.

The concept of “time chunking” is written about by productivity expert Mike Vardy. “It’s worth trying in some form or another he writes because it removes a decision from the process of doing:  to what to do and when to do it.”

So in other words, It’s not are you going to?,  but “What and When” in this chunk of time.

So here you have Oct and November ahead of you. I suggest a two-month chunk of time is enough time to make a change and make it a habit that will get you on your road to results.

2 Months: October and November – One way to look at the chunk. Here are some more breakdowns:

8 weeks, 8 Friday afternoons,

9 Mondays, Wednesday afternoons, Saturday’s and Sundays

61 bedtimes or opportunities to rest and drink more water.

Now you have to decide on the priority in which you need to chunk time for so that you can make this realistic and achievable.

Here are some ideas for you: and how to chunk them.

Will time just keep passing by? Start thinking about a realistic and achievable goal that most important is time sensitive!

Pick your fitness as a lifestyle category:


From the article “20 Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit”,  author Marc Chernoff writes,  “We all suffer. We all struggle.  We all suffer on the inside.  Every day…

We worry.
We procrastinate.
We feel overwhelmed.
We feel angry.
We feel lonely.
We don’t feel good enough.
We wish we were thinner
We wish we had more money.
We wish our jobs were different.
We wish our relationships were different.
We think everything in life should be easier.”

Now would also be an opportune time to remind yourself of some truths we tend to deny when we’re stuck too deep in our own heads…Even with all our advancements, progress still requires old-fashioned work.  In a culture that seeks quick and easy results, we must learn the beauty of effort, patience, and perseverance.  Be strong, be present, and build positive daily rituals that get you there.

Be mindful.  Be present.  Focus on the small steps you CAN take today, and take them!  No regrets.  No looking back.

Chunk: Every afternoon take 5 minutes to remind yourself that you are worthy and deserving of love, life, learning and enjoyment.

Sleep: Feeling tired all the time?

Our 24/7 lifestyle can lead us to feel exhausted or run down, and affect our sleeping patterns. This is because “we are never turning off” according to Dr. Gabrielle Francis, a naturopathic doctor at in New York City, N.Y. “This syndrome is also known as ‘wired and tired,'” she told Medical Daily.

There are signs of fatigue we shouldn’t ignore: Sleep apnea, anemia, thyroid problems, heart disease, and menopause.

Chunk: Pick days of the week to go to bed early or at a set time so you can get the rest you need. Making a regular bedtime and create a nighttime ritual to promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

Sleep or rest? Busyness has become a badge of honor in today’s society. To be busy is to be wanted and valued. When someone asks us how we are and we answer, “Busy, so busy.” Is it that they have jobs where new technology means that the boundaries between work and rest become ever more blurred, leaving them with the feeling that they can’t fully switch off?

68.4% of us want more rest according to a survey of 118,000 people from 134 countries devised by Hubbub.

Reading, being in the natural environment, spending time on your own, and listening to music came out as the top ways the participants wanted to get more rest. Interesting that these are all done on your own and are technically not sleeping!

Movement: How’s the body feeling? Still waking up feeling tight and feeling vulnerable in your back? I can’t just teach you to hinge your hips or perform turkish get up and expect that you will remember this! I “chunk” it into small achievable movements that you can practice with success over time. So use this concept to plan your movement goals and make them realistic.

Every Wednesday I will go to stretch class.

Every morning I will stretch on the living room carpet for 10 minutes.

Every other day I will walk.


This is certainly a biggie! For most of us, that think we know how to eat well and yet are still overweight because even though we know what to do we are not doing it!

How many restaurant meals are you having per week? Could improved meal planning help trim some calories for you?

Chunk: Every Sunday meal plan and prep

Every Tuesday Taco night

Every morning drink water!


Down time, reading, hobbies (like gardening), travel, art, music and creativity. All of these things take time and the decision by you to make them a priority.

Although I hear that you should either be on vacation or be planning the next one it’s not always that easy!

Just how you structure your recovery time isn’t always up to you as you may be limited by the amount of vacation or time off your job provides.

Chunk: Set some self care appointments every Thursday evening, or time to draw on Sunday morning. This would be a way of chunking your time to ensure this actually happens for you.

As I explore ways to structure my own recovery time I’m mindful of the health costs to not building this important component into our lives. A break and some time for yourself may be key in the recovery component of your fitness as a lifestyle way of thinking.

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Written by: Sheila Hamilton Sept 2016



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Mike Vardy is a writer, speaker, productivity strategist, and Founder of Productivityist. He is the author of The Front Nine: How to Start the Year You Want Anytime You Want, The Productivityist Workbook, and Beyond Trying. You can connect with Mike on Twitter at @mikevardy.

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