Listen here to hear Sheila on the Jon McComb show speaking on why you need to have a Training Program.


A training program is a roadmap to your fitness results. It’s a record of what you need to do and when you need to do it in your schedule to ensure success.

Are you doing the same old routine over and over again?  Are you seeing change, improvement and strength gains?

If you are making time to exercise you need to be spending it wisely. If you are not getting results then I encourage you to get a training program.  Looking at your time, interests, history, and goals you can start to make your plan.  Enlisting an exercise professional to complete a thorough assessment and create an individualized program for you will ensure you get your training on the road to success.

How we train and program has changed over the years as more research is completed on safe effective programming and technique. Programs can be completed around health conditions that typically were thought of as a reason not to exercise. Bridging the gap between physicians and exercise professionals is currently the message I want to get out. The program itself is the roadmap to a stronger healthier you, and so think of “Exercise as Medicine.”

If you are still training with old school technique and programming, or even randomly doing anything that comes to mind if you even make it to the gym then I encourage you to look at a simpler new way of training by looking at movements.

From Dan John’s book Intervention he lists “Five Movements That Will Make An Impact Overnight.”

He quotes, “If I were to put these in order as to how they can impact you overnight, the order would be like this:

1) Loaded carries

2) Squat

3) Hinge

4) Pull

5) Push

I agree with him and would add:

6) Crawl

7) Turkish Get Up

The it's time! Fitness Results team doing Turkish Get Ups

The it’s time! Fitness Results team doing Turkish Get Ups


The movement based approach listed here simplifies the programming process and can be easily progressed as your body adapts to the resistance. This way you get the results you are looking for in a safe, realistic, timely manner. Ensure you are on the road to success by having a training program because your time is valuable!

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Written by: Sheila Hamilton

it’s time! Fitness Results

February 10, 2016

Dan John:

ACE Personal Training Manual – Bryant third Edition

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