“Strength has a greater purpose.”

SHEILA HAMILTON it's time! Fitness Results Dec 2013

it’s time! Fitness Results
Dec 2013

I wish you as much strength as you need in 2014.

This saying is a StrongFirst theme that is currently on the chalkboard at the entrance to my gym.  I walk by it many times a day, clients see it and ask me about what it means.  Given the New Year is approaching it’s time! to share my 2014 take on strength and what this phrase currently means to me. 

I can only perform from strength

The changes in me personally, physically and professionally

Are changes I achieve through practice, skill building, and gaining knowledge

These give me strength

I want to think, feel, behave and perform from strength despite the constant stresses and failures I see in myself and in the world around me

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”-Winston Churchill


I can change myself to improve who I am

And in turn share the knowledge and growth with those I meet

Strength can deliver balance

Strength can make the weaknesses less apparent

Strength can be inside and out

Strength has no boundaries

Strength can bring happiness

I can be a lot more of who I already am

If I allow strength in


My 2014 recipe for letting your strength in:

Consistency: Regular training gets results and eating nutritionally relevant food gets results. Regular sleep is like magic for your body. You need to consistently move, eat well and sleep well.

Accountability: Do what you say you will, speak who you are, hold yourself to the standard in which you expect from others.  Falsely misrepresenting yourself drains your soul.  Be accountable to yourself first!

Sacrifice: The choices we make can leave us feeling deprived.  Difficult decisions can be better for us in the long run even though short term they can leave us empty, lonely, sad, hungry and longing.  Apply this to anything worth working toward.  Some things are just always going to be difficult!

Connectedness: Work on who you are and who you are not.  It’s easy to be electronically connected with the world at the expense of losing connection with yourself and the purpose of living.  Just think about this. Do you know yourself or your electronics better?

Belief – Believe your challenges will only make you stronger. Have faith in your own mind that the results will come even if the recipe has to be tweaked a few times.  There are many great recipes for the same thing. Write your own recipe, live your own and share your own.  Believe your recipe will bring a successful strong 2014 for you and the people you live for.

I wish you all the strength you need next year, defined for your own needs and hopefully inspired by this blog. I suggest you write out the next five years of your life plan and goals on Jan 1, 2014.  Spend some time thinking about your strength plan and your purpose. Tweak your own recipe and start the New Year off with a renewed vision for yourself.

As your strength grows so will your purpose.

“Strength has a greater purpose.”

Do the work to find it.


Written by Sheila Hamilton © Dec 2013

Thanks Dr. Michael Hartle and Jon Engum for inspiration to write this and to

Thomas Plummer for pointing out a pattern in me that I need to face up to.