Take your golf game to the next level!

The Golf Smart System is a program designed by the fitness professionals at it’s time! Fitness Results. It is based on Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and the Titleist Professional Institute (TPI). This set of corrective exercises has been chosen specifically for golfers and addresses the areas used in the swing.

The golf swing is a very technically demanding and complex exercise. It involves the integration of a range of muscle and joints in a rotational sequence, generating forces up to 8 times your bodyweight. Swing repetition can result in a lot of repetitive stress, so we need to make sure your kinematic sequencing is not feeding into imbalances or compensations. While we will not coach your swing, we will work to remove any physical limitations such as injuries, pain or tightness that may be hindering your ability to play your best game.

Creating a good movement base across all chains in your body will improve your golf performance and longevity. Optimizing mobility, motor control, strength, and movement patterns requires work; however, there are some key “movement snacks” you can indulge in at the gym, on the course, or at the clubhouse!

What can I expect?

The Golf Smart Program includes 4 private sessions with our expert trainers. The first session will involve our  it’s time! Golf Screen. This will identify weakness, imbalance or limitation. From here, we take you through our Golf Smart System along with any individual exercises required based on the results of your screen.

The program is a home or gym program that you can integrate into your exercise routine. It will focus on:

  • Mobility of the shoulders, spine, hips and ankles
  • Stability of trunk and hips
  • Strength of hips

For details about our GolfSmart program, please contact our facility at 604-988-8463.


Message from Sheila, a TPI Certified fitness professional and founder of it’s time! Fitness Results: “I love the passion that golfers have for their game. I’m equally passionate about physical movement and healthy backs. If we could convince the golfers to put some of their passion into movement improvement the results would show in their score and body!”

The fitness professional and golf professional connect when your golf coach sends you our way. Many of the most common swing flaws including loss of posture and early extension can’t be fixed by merely trying as your physical limitations and restrictions are holding you back. The golf coach knows you want to strike the ball with more distance, accuracy, and consistency but they reach a point in their scope of practice where they can’t assess and correct the physical limitations that are inhibiting your movement. A referral to a fitness professional is a “win-win” for the golf coach as they know some magic will happen when you get stronger and more mobile!

Common physical limitations that we see in common swing flaws:

  1. Lack of thoracic spine mobility
  2. Lack of hip mobility – Internal and External rotation is imperitive for your backwing and downswing.
  3. Hip strength (glutes weak & tight)
  4. Lack of joint stability

What can we do to help you be at the top of your game, play better as you age, and without pain?

We can assess your movement, and collect a history of your health and past injuries.  Wet talk about your goals and the amount of time you have to dedicate to your movement improvement. We then tailor our Golfsmart program to fit your individual needs, ensuring it’s going to be realistic for you to implement. Over the course of 4 private sessions, we coach you through the program so you are confident in your technique, and are able to achieve your results right away!


“After five years at the gym, I am still motivated due to the knowledgable trainers…”