Vera Radyo


I have had knee and back issues for over 6 years, but after 6 months of personal training and classes at it’s time! Fitness, I am virtually pain free. This gym is unique! It focuses on the latest scientific evidence of what makes a difference. At a regular gym, I would end up hurting myself or repeating the same program over and over. I made little progress and often ended up going backwards because of an injury. I was dependent upon physiotherapists, chiropractors and others to keep me mobile.

My husband, Ken and I started going to it’s time! Fitness primarily to strengthen our core. We were paired with Ed for personal training. He started with where were at, gradually increased the intensity and always watched that we are doing the exercises correctly. After the first two months, Ken and i noticed a difference in our strength and endurance – more than I had noticed in years of work-outs at regular gyms. And now both us feel we have greater strength and stamina.

We can sit at our desks and do our work. Recently in Vietnam we walked a lot and were able to keep up with our younger and very fit friends. One day we climbed over 1000 steps. I did not feel even a twinge in my knees. I was so happy! Thank you Ed, Sheila and the amazing team at it’s time! Fitness Results!