We are a team of professionals dedicated to improve your overall health and fitness level through a comprehensive, safe and effective training program.

Nancy Schlesinger

 Office Administrator

Meet the newest member of the it’s time! team.  Nancy joined as the office administrator in September.

Nancy has been a client for the last three years  and has experienced the benefits of training with the it’s time team first-hand!  She started training to improve her core strength and help with lower back pain.  The gym’s motto “Strength has a greater purpose” really hit home. For Nancy, getting stronger wasn’t just about improving her fitness, but improving the recovery time after activities like paddling and backpacking with her husband and two kids.

Working out with the team as been a phenomenal experience.  When an opening on the it’s time team presented itself, she traded in the power suit and heels of her corporate job for an opportunity to work with a great group of professionals in a positive and supportive environment.  When she is not working at the gym she enjoys paddle boarding, swimming, hiking and the occasional glass of wine. 

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