Michelle McIntosh


My journey on the road to being healthy and fit has been a long one. After being overweight my entire life, and after trying every diet, gym, fitness program under the sun, I had come to the end of my rope and was about to give up. It wasn’t until I began some serious inner work – and learned more about nutrition and the right way to eat – did I feel ready to try a gym again. I searched for a long time and met with many people and tried many classes.

When I walked into it’s time! Fitness Results, I was greeted with kindness that I had not encountered before at a gym. Sheila welcomed me into the gym and instantly made me feel safe. She introduced me to every person, including other staff members and clients. Not once did I feel like I didn’t belong or that I couldn’t do what was asked of me. I felt like, and still do, that my safety and personal goals are the most important thing in that gym on that day – and continues every time I step into it’s time! Fitness Results. When I walk into the gym, everyone knows my name and says hello. I feel as though I am in a safe and judgement-free place, which always makes me want to come back!

I can’t say enough about Sheila, Andrea, and Dave and ALL the staff at it’s time! I want to take this opportunity to thank them for helping to make my fitness journey an extremely positive one. Thank you all SO MUCH!