Janice Kran

Member since 2014

“Walking through the door of it’s time! Fitness Results was without doubt the best decision I made last December or all year for that matter. I was just preparing to retire after a 35 year career as a 911 Police Dispatcher. The work involved shift work and sitting in front of computer screens for 12 hour days or nights and was often incredibly stressful.  As a result I often found myself too exhausted to exercise, eat or sleep properly and suffering with adrenal fatigue and weight gain.

Since I’ve begun working with the trainers here I’ve slowly begun to reverse the negative effects and find myself stronger, more toned and having better energy and improved sleep and have lost almost 20 lbs.  All the trainers at it’s time! have been amazing and are so knowledgable in the training they do.  They are incredibly supportive, very helpful in ensuring the clients exercise properly to get the most benefit and avoid injury and are constantly educating themselves to be aware of the best practices in the fitness industry.  Everyone has such a positive attitude and makes it enjoyable to come to work out and I’ am so grateful for their continued help and encouragement!!!!”