Jack Huberman


I started training at it’s time! early in November 2015. When I first went there, I was having difficulty walking, limping quite noticeably, after total hip replacement surgery. My case was more complex because I had had repeat surgery after unsuccessful initial surgery followed by two dislocations. I was a lot worse off than after simple hip replacement surgery.

I’m very impressed with the it’s time! Fitness Results team and their very professional approach to training their clients. I did their initial testing and assessment. It was followed by the development of a training program and matching me with Daehan Kim, a very well qualified and very committed trainer. In less than two months of training with him, there was a marked improvement in my walking and in my balance. And now, after less than three months of training, I’m walking almost normally! Before I started at it’s time, I used a cane frequently. I never use one now in my regular daily activities. I only use one for long walks. What a thrill to be at this place, after having limped quite noticeably for over three years following my hip surgeries!

I attribute this very significant improvement to the commitment of my trainer, Daehan, who not only trains me while I’m at it’s time Fitness but puts in lots of extra time researching appropriate additional exercises to do with me in following sessions. Daehan has demonstrated exceptional caring and commitment, unlike anything I’ve experienced before in the many years of training and working out that I experienced prior to my surgeries.

As a result of the impressive progress to date, I’ve made a commitment to continue training regularly with Daehan. I’ve booked training time with him on an ongoing basis every Tuesday and Thursday mornings and that’s coupled with at home work that I do on my own. Kudos to Daehan and the team at Its Time Fitness Results.

One additional bonus for me from getting back into training at it’s time, has been realizing that becoming more fit involved not only the training I did there but also had a lot to do with my health generally and in particular, my weight. I knew that losing some weight would make becoming more fit easier and I decided to start eating more carefully. That’s all I did and using Lose It, a food tracking app, over the course of the last three months, I lost about twenty pounds as well. Fitness and being healthy have become a real priority in my life. It’s hard not to be that way when you get the fitness bug at Its Time. Their friendliness and commitment to their clients is “infectious”, in a very good way! Thanks, Sheila and Daehan!

I should add that I offered to write this testimonial because I was so pleased with the results Daehan has achieved with me, not because I was asked to write one. I’m a thoroughly satisfied client. I love going there!

Jack J Huberman, QC
(retired lawyer, aged 74)