Debbie Drove


When I began attending the Chirofit classes at it’s time! Fitness Results about a year ago, I was full of fear, trepidation, and a real dislike for the gym! My resistance stemmed from a poor experience with a personal trainer in the past who had no respect for my age, nor my back and neck problems. This bad experience left me in a great deal of pain and caused me to be reluctant to go anywhere near a gym!

On my first visit to it’s time! Fitness Results, I was welcomed by friendly and professional trainers who understood my reservations and treated me with the utmost patience and understanding.

After a few group Chirofit classes, I realized that my fear had been standing in the way of my progress. After speaking with Sheila, who is so very knowledgeable and approachable, we decided to start off with one-on-one classes to build up my confidence as well as to help me learn the movements necessary to build my core, relieve my pain and improve my mobility. Sheila paired me with Andrea, who has worked miracles for me. I now feel confident taking on new tasks, and actually look forward to my visits to the gym. Andrea’s patience, professionalism and sense of humour have helped me to improve my mobility and confidence, and the exercises she has prescribed have virtually removed all of my neck, back and foot pain. I now willingly participate in as many group classes that I can attend in addition to a one-on-one session once per week, and am now able to start hiking and walking, which has improved my quality of life tremendously. High-five to Andrea!

Thank you Sheila, Andrea and your very professional team who are always friendly and encouraging and make your clients feel so welcome.