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Briana Kelly

 Admin Assistant / Kinesiologist / Personal Trainer

Briana Kelly graduated from Queen’s University in 2014 with an honours degree in Science specializing in Kinesiology. She is the most recent addition to the it’s time! Fitness Results team and is eager to work alongside a talented group of professionals in such a supportive and forward-thinking environment.

Sports and fitness have always played a large role in Briana’s life. Having her hand in as many sports as possible while growing up, Briana chose to focus on high-level competition in soccer and field hockey before heading to university to study kinesiology. There she captained her university’s varsity field hockey team before completing her studies and returning to the North Shore. She continues to play field hockey in a competitive women’s league here in Vancouver and enjoys coaching young athletes in the community.

Briana is passionate about promoting lifelong physical activity and optimizing sport performance. She hopes to make physical activity achievable and enjoyable for those of all ages. Having persevered through two significant concussions, Briana values the importance of dedication and hard work as an athlete, but also as a health-driven individual. Her goal is to guide each individual to their own peak performance through a safe, balanced approach using core activation, mobility, and functional strength training.

Briana is excited to continue her education at it’s time! Fitness Results and is beginning to work towards her first Strength Matters Kettlebell Certification.

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