INTRODUCTORY OFFER:  Personal Training Experience   $299


  • 4 Private Training sessions
  • 20 Group classes
  • 30-minute nutrition consultation with a Precision Nutrition coach
  • 2 month expiry
Private Training Rates

1 hour session  $80.00 ($71.25 with membership!)

30 minute session  $45.00

Semi-private  $55.00 (per person)

ICBC Services  $80.00 (Active Rehabilitation, Reports)

Home Program  $40.00

1 hour consultation  $100.00 (new clients)

Private Training Memberships

Ultimate Private Training Membership  $582.00/mo.


  • 8 private training sessions per month
  • 8 groups per month


Basic Private Training Membership  $322.00/mo.


  • 4 private training sessions per month
  • 4 groups per month


Basic Semi-Private Training Membership  $488.00/mo.


  • 8 semi-private training sessions per month, shared with another person
  • 8 groups per month


Additional Groups for Private and Semi-Private Training Memberships

Compliment your private training sessions with group classes at $15.00 a group!

  • 4 groups per month  $60.00/mo.
  • 8 groups per month  $120.00/mo.
Group Training Memberships

Ultimate Group Training  $300.00/mo.

20 groups per month ($15.30 per group)


Pro “Plus” Group Training  $202.00/mo.

12 groups per month ($16.83 per group)


Basic Group Training  $124.00/mo.

6 groups per month ($20.67 per group)


Couples/Family Share Group Memberships

Ask us about sharing a group membership with your family members!

Group Drop-In Rate

Per Session  $30.00

Nutrition Consultation

With a certified Precision Nutrition coach.

  30 minute consult  $50.00

  60 minute consult  $100.00