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Nutrition Coaching with Dave Ewart.

it’s time! Fitness Results is offering Precision Nutrition coaching with Dave Ewart, a certified Precision Nutrition Coach. This program will be custom-built to suit your needs and your body. By listening to your needs, assessing your lifestyle, and setting goals, Dave will work with you to create the right nutrition approach, whether you are working towards weight-loss, weight-gain, or sports nutrition.

The package includes an initial 50-minute session to get you started, followed by four 30-minute follow-up sessions. Dave will assess your current food journal and develop nutritional strategies that fit into your lifestyle and progress you to your goals.

Precision Nutrition is the largest private nutrition coaching and research company in the world. These training programs are developed through a focus on clinical research and consultation with top universities and organizations.


3 Month Package includes:

1 – 50 minute introduction and assessment

4 – 30 minute sessions

Cost:    $249.00 plus tax

Additional 30-minute follow-up sessions: $50.00 plus tax