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If you are new to fitness, have medical concerns, or simply prefer the attention to detail that private training allows, then this is the option for you.  After a complete evaluation of you and your goals, it’s time! will write a training program specifically tailored to meet your needs. Your program will be monitored and changed as you improve to achieve the results you desire.

Private Training Session Pricing

Private Training:

50 minute session: $80.00 ($71.25 with membership!) + tax

30 minute session: $45.00 + tax

60 minute Consultation: $100.00

Home Program: $40.00


Monthly Membership Training Packages:

  Ultimate Private Training Membership: $570.00 per month.

    Includes: 8 Private, one-on-one training sessions per month, 8 Group Training Sessions per month.

  Basic Private Training Membership: $315.00 per month.

    Includes: Private, one-on-one training sessions per month, 4 Group Training Sessions per month.

  Ultimate GROUP Training Membership: $300.00 per month.

    Includes: 20 Group Training Sessions per month. ($15.00 per Group Session)

   PRO “PLUS” Group Training Membership: $198.00 per month.

    Includes: 12 Group Training Sessions per month. ($16.50 per Group Session)

  Basic Group Training Membership: $121.00 per month.

    Includes: Group Training Sessions per month. ($20.67 per Group Session)

  Personal Training Experience   $ 299.00

    The Personal Training Experience is a 2-month introductory package for $299 + tax
    Learn Kettlebell technique and skills from master instructors in a small group plus:
      – 4 Private training sessions, the first private training session includes a Functional Movement Screen
      – 20 group classes – choose from 35 group classes per week*
      – 30 minute nutrition consultation with a with a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach
    *Group class access  based on your fitness, skill level and availability
    Call and book today! 604-988-8463




Semi-private sessions give you the benefits of training one-on-one but in a small group setting with like-minded people!

After an assessment and evaluation, you will receive individualized attention within your group.  At it’s time! Fitness Results, we believe that personal training is more than just counting reps.  Contact us for existing semi-private training times and availability or to arrange a time for your own small group.

Semi-Private Group of 2 Pricing

60 minute Semi-Private Training: $55.00 (per person) + tax

Basic Semi-Private Training Membership: $478.00/month + tax


  • 8 semi-private training sessions per month, shared with another person
  • 8 groups per month


Purchase a monthly membership and save. Ready to start? Contact us and we’ll help you get started on your path to fitness results.
Phone: 604 – 988 – 8463

Additional Groups for Private and Semi-Private Training Memberships

Complement your private training sessions with group classes at $15.00 a group!

Group add-on Pricing

4 groups per month: $60.00/mo

8 groups per month: $120.00/mo

Sessions must be purchased in advance for the month.