We have a large variety of Group Training Sessions to choose from.  There’s a class for everyone no matter what your fitness level is.  From stretching and strength to back health and hockey, we have the perfect Group for you.  Most Group Sessions are limited to 6 participants or provide 2 coaches to ensure personalized instruction and safety.


BackSmart Level

Bulletproof Your Back

BackStrong Group Sessions offer a safe and progressive group training environment for anyone who is overcoming injuries (back, hips, shoulders, etc.) and also wants to work on their general fitness. This session works on mobility, core stability and strength followed by cardio. We are proud to offer some of these classes with 2 coaches to ensure client attention and safety is prioritized. These are good classes to attend if you are new to the gym. Exercises are programmed for many fitness levels so you can be sure to work at an appropriate level for you!

Prerequisites: Foam rolling, Diaphragmatic breathing, Neutral back, Hinge

Maximum 10 participants.

Bars and Bells

All Levels

Bars and Bells is a workout that utilizes equipment like the kettlebells, chin up bars, and barbells. With two class options during the week, an all levels and an intermediate, this class can become a staple in your weekly workout routine. Expect your deadlift and chin up goals to reach their potential in this Olympic designed workout program!

Prerequisites: Deadlift, KB Swing, Turkish Get Up, and a “Pain free” state (i.e. No acute injury)

Body Blast

Intermediate Level

Maximum 6 participants.

This small group is perfect for those looking for a high energy, multi-modal workout that combines strength and cardio. Programs will feature bodyweight training, barbells, kettlebells, and other equipment to “blast” the body!

This an intermediate class.

Prerequisites: Kettlebell skills such as arm bar, Turkish Get Up and the swing.

Body Maintenance

BackSmart Level

Maximum 10 participants. Beginner level and all levels.

Body Maintenance Group Sessions offer a safe and progressive group training environment for anyone who is overcoming injuries (back, hips, shoulders, etc.) and also wants to work on their general fitness. This session works on mobility, core stability and strength followed by cardio. This session works on mobility, core stability and strength followed by cardio. We are proud to offer this class with 2 coaches to ensure client attention and safety is prioritized.

Prerequisites: Foam Rolling, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Neutral Back, Plank, Hinge

CARS – Controlled Articular Rotations, CORE, and CARDIO

All Levels

Run through a CARS routine: Controlled Articular Rotations to maintain and improve joint health, then spent some time working those joints that need an improved range of motion. Combine that with some solid core work, then finish with some cardio tailored to your needs. Either steady state or intervals Sheila will coach you challenge yourself!

CARS Controlled Articular Rotations: Sheila has recently earned designations as a Functional Range Assessment and Mobility Specialist from the Functional Range Systems.  For more information on these designations see link:  https://functionalanatomyseminars.com
Building on using Controlled Articular Rotations (Joint Rotations) as both an assessment and intervention to improve joint range of motion this class will give you lots of homework take-aways to improve your movement quality and capacity. The Internal Rotation of your shoulders and hips are the “Interest Rate to your Health.” Limitations in rotation will have a huge cost to your ability to progress your fitness to higher levels. Let’s find your joint limitations and work the FRC system in ways to improve the joint range of motion and remove the barriers to you reaching higher level of fitness training.

This is rated as All Levels.


All Levels – Group Training Session 2 coaches for each session!

Chisel is a big group designed to accommodate all levels of training, from beginner to advanced, with 2 trainers instructing we can provide you with a great learning experience while safely assisting you achieve your fitness goals. There is a dedicated core group of individuals that attend the group and they have an amazing work ethic and a willingness to learn proper technique.

The group starts with a dynamic stretch phase designed specific to the day’s training. From there we proceed into activations and core training creating a “connected” mind and body. Next phase is the strength portion which is the majority of the group’s training. It can consist of but not limited to barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, band, and bodyweight training. Often added into our strength portion is interval training on assault bike, rower, sled, and ropes. Strong is happy!

Bottom line Chisel is a group for all levels that will provide you with a fun and purposeful experience at It’s Time Fitness Results !!

We currently have 2 coaches on hand for this class. Please attend and enjoy the attention!

Prerequisites: Foam rolling, familiarity with Turkish Get Up, Hinge or Deadlift, and a “Pain free” state (i.e. No acute injury)

Expert Kettlebells

Advanced Level

Advance your kettlebell skills with the experts. This class takes more advanced kettlebell skills and challenges participants with a fast paced energetic program. Excellent class if you are considering taking a kettlebell certification.

Prerequisites: This is an advanced class and it’s recommended that participants be proficient in Level 1 and Level 2 skills (push press, jerk, bent press, windmill)


Functional Strength

All Levels

Work hard and have fun!

This 1.5 hour-long class is aimed at building strength and conditioning for sport and enjoyment of life. After a thorough static and dynamic warmup, we work on power, strength and cardiovascular development. This class is suitable for all skill levels, but participants should be ready to work at a higher intensity.

Prerequisites: Participants should be competent with fundamental movements including hinge and squat.



All Levels

High Intensity Interval Training: This hour will push you to your limits with short bursts of high intensity exercise, alternating with rest periods. If you love loud music and high energy individuals, this class is for you! With the program changing every 6 weeks, your cardio will always be challenged to new levels. A current level of cardiovascular fitness is required for this class.

Prerequisites: Basic level of cardiovascular fitness (i.e. familiarity with sleds, assault bike) and a “Pain free” state (i.e. No acute injury)

Intrinsic Strength

Intermediate Level

This is a general strength and conditioning small group class, with a strong emphasis on movement quality. The program always included stretching and mobility, followed by various exercises to tone, build strength and improve overall fitness.

This is rated as intermediate.

Prerequisites: Kettlebell skills such as arm bar, Turkish Get Up and the swing.

Kettlebell Athletics

All Levels – Group Training Session

KB Athletics is an intermediate group that is designed to give you a whole body work out with predominately compound exercises. Compound exercises are the staple of functional movement and provide more caloric expenditure as well as increasing muscle mass.
Utilizing the KB it allows an easy transition from exercise to exercise and provides whole body strength and conditioning. It also provides very efficient core and glute strength needed for day to day life or for the individual playing recreational sport. Although the KB is the primary tool in the group we are not limited to its use and will utilize all tools in the it’s time! tool box.

Prerequisites: Level 1 kettlebell skills (i.e. TGU, swing, clean)


Kettlebell Technique

All Levels – Group Training Session

Maximum 12 participants. All levels.

A great way to start to learn the kettlebell practice or advance your skills and keep your techniques sharp.  Commit to this class after a strong foundation of kettlebell skills are established. Sheila programs this class with progressions and challenges using Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell skills. The class has 10 minutes of movement prep followed by a mix of kettlebell technique instruction from the basics of the turkish get up to the swing, clean, and squat. Many variations of the swing are taught as well as more advanced skills like the snatch, push press, jerk, and bent press if required. Make it a regular class in your week and see your results improve as your technique does!

Prerequisites: Understanding of basic movements (hinge, plank, squat) and a “Pain free” state (i.e. no acute injury).

Kettlebell Conditioning

Advanced Level

The kettlebell has been used for centuries as a weapon against weakness! Recently, it has taken the health and fitness industry by storm and for the right reasons! At it’s time! Our strongfirst certified trainers have created a class devoted to kettlebells, using them to help improve mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Prerequisites: Participants must be proficient in Level 1 kettlebell skills (TGU, armbar, squat, swing, snatch, clean).

Kettlebells & Kore

Intermediate Level

Take your “kore” to a new level of strength with this class that will integrate kettlebell skills with complimentary core exercises built from Kettlebells n Kore. Kettlebell technique and attention to detail will be emphasized by Sheila!

Prerequisites: Kettlebell skills such as arm bar, Turkish Get Up, goblet squat, and swing. Preferably some experience in the single arm swing, clean, and press as well.



Morning Kettlebells

Advanced Level

Maximum 12 participants

This very dynamic class covers all variables of training at a higher intensity. Utilizing a high-paced dynamic warm up, we prepare the body for an intense focused work out. Having experience at it’s time! is required. Bring your “A” game!

Prerequisites: Level 1 Kettlebell skills (Turkish Get Up, swing, clean, squat, press) and the ability to work at a high intensity

Power Hour

Intermediate Level

Start your day off on the right foot with this fun, energetic class. Join a group of people who love to laugh, sweat and get strong all before attacking their day. This is a general strength and conditioning class which covers a large variety of movements using barbells, TRX, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. We will always save time for a cardiovascular finisher.

This is an intermediate class and it’s recommended that you have done some of our kettlebell technique classes prior to joining.

Prerequisites: Hinge or Deadlift, squat, armbar, familiarity with kettlebell skills, and a “Pain Free” state (i.e. no acute injury)

Sport Performance

Advanced Level


This group is designed to enhance your sport performance whether you play your sport recreationally or at an organized level. It is a 1.5 hour group which allows for a wide variety of structured segments. As all It’s Time groups we will start with a dynamic stretching and activations. We will then further our warm up with a dynamic warm up down the turf with a series of movement patterns based on the days strength training.

The next segment will be plyometrics and some skill training. Plyometrics are designed to strengthen joints, prevent injury, and enhance power for your sport. Skill training can be running drills or light games to provide a competitive edge as well as improve game day skills.

From there onto to strength training barbells and KB will be utilized on a consistent basis so having some KB and barbell experience is important although we will utilize all of the equipment available. Direct core training will be a big part of this segment but can be utilized in all phases.

Finally we will finish with a cardiovascular component designed to hit specific cardiovascular zones which will improve your sports cardiovascular needs. Having a heart rate monitor is a bonus.

Prerequisites: Confidence in Level 1 and some Level 2 kettlebell skills, ability to work at a high intensity.

Strength Plus

Intermediate Level

Strength Plus is a fun energetic group with some mainstay colorful personalities! This group keeps an up tempo style of training utilizing all of it’s time’s! exercise equipment. Like all of our small and large groups there is a dynamic warm up and activations segment leading into the strength segment usually finishing with a cardiovascular component. This group will challenge you with a whole body work out in a fun atmosphere.

Prerequisites: Level 1 kettlebell skills are suggested (swing, TGU, arm bar)


BackSmart Level

Are you getting enough recovery, rest, and body regeneration time? Most people never do in our fast paced life! This group is a great way to add regeneration into your training and current lifestyle. Being social and relaxed is definitely promoted in this group but not a necessity.

We will use various techniques to promote length in body tissues and assist in regeneration such as foam and ball rolling, stick “work”, diaphragmatic breathing and of course stretching. Stretching is always a hot debate but static stretching for lengthy periods will promote fascial lengthening when teamed with diaphragmatic breathing. Correct breathing patterns are the most under utilized way to release tension and promote recovery.

Please sign yourself in for a fun positive experience.

Prerequisite: none

Stretch and Core

BackSmart Level

Jessica will take this group through breathing, self myo-facial release, joint mobilizations, and core conditioning. 60 minutes of body maintenance, they don’t call it soft tissue for nothing! This is a great class for beginners and new clients of it’s time! Fitness Results to begin to learn and build strong core foundations.

Prerequisites: none

Sunday Sculpt

All Levels

It’s Time to get ripped! Make strides with your fitness results with Sunday Sculpt. Use this class to help achieve your strength and cardiovascular goals. In addition to our regular work on core and foundational strength, we will take the time to hone those biceps and triceps for sculpted arms!

This is rated as All Levels.

Prerequisites: Exposure to basic movement patterns including hinge and squat.

Swim Fit

All Levels

This class is designed to improve your overall strength and mobility needs for swimming (and daily life!), with a focus on the thoracic spine, shoulders and hips. We will take you through mobility drills at the start of the class and then we will move into a full body strength workout. This training will help keep you out of an injury in the water and improve your overall muscular strength! We will improve your performance by increasing the extension strength of the hips, using exercises like the KB swing and deadlift. This class will also help you be able to generate more stroke power by increasing mobility through the thoracic spine, shoulders and hips and improving rotational torque with dynamic rotational drills. Hope to see you there this Tuesday at 6:00pm!

Prerequisites: Exposure to basic movement patterns including hinge and squat.

Wonder Women

Intermediate Level

This is a fun and lively small group of individuals who love to chat and laugh while they work their butt’s off. This is a general strength and conditioning class, with a strong emphasis on movement quality. The program always included stretching and mobility, followed by various exercises to tone, build strength and improve overall fitness.

This is rated as intermediate.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with kettlebells (swing, Turkish get up, armbar)

Kettle Bell Training

What is kettlebell training?

A ‘kettlebell’ is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. They come in different weights from 8kg up to 48 kg. Sheila’s interest in training with kettlebells started while she was recovering from foot surgery a few years ago. The ability to train effectively and yet have very little impact on the feet helped her recovery immensely. Kettlebells have become an integral part of programming for Sheila’s clients. They have become part of the training plan that gets clients the results they are looking for in strength and loss of body fat. Kettlebells are growing in popularity in the U.S. and Canada. All clients and fitness levels can use kettlebells with proper technique instruction. Sheila has recently obtained her RKC- Russian Kettlebell Certification, after a trip to the Vienna, Virginia. This certification is regarded as one of the most challenging certifications to pass. It delivers the depth and breadth of core competencies Sheila will use with you for successful kettlebell instruction.

Kettlebell FAQ

What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell, or girya (Russ.), is a traditional Russian cast-iron weight resembling a cannonball with a handle, and it is the ultimate tool for extreme all-around fitness. The kettlebell dates back to the 18th Century, first appearing in a Russian dictionary in 1704 (Cherkikh, 1994). So popular were kettlebells in Tsarist Russia, that any strongman or weightlifter was referred to as a “girevik,” or “kettlebell man.” “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics,” reported Russian magazine Hercules in 1913.

Why train with kettlebells?

Kettlebells deliver extreme all-around fitness better than any other piece of equipment out there, and can replace barbells, dumbbells, belts for weighted pull-ups and dips, thick bars, lever bars, medicine balls, grip devices, and cardio equipment in your fitness regime.

Who trains with kettlebells?

People of all ages and all skill levels can benefit from kettlebell training. Kettlebells can even be used in recovery from various injuries.

How do I learn to use the kettlebell?

From Pavel’s books and videos: Enter The Kettlebell or From Russia with Tough Love, or from an RKC certified instructor! Kettlebell technique can be learned in one or two sessions and one can start intense training during the second and even first week (Dvorkin, 2001).

What is the right kettlebell size for me?

Kettlebells are measured in “poods,” an old Russian measure of weight equal to 16 kg, or roughly 35 lbs. Though the weight used by each person will vary, an average man will typically begin with a 35 lb kettlebell, and an average woman with 18 lbs.

Kettlebell Advanced Technique Program

Kettlebell Advance Technique Program

Commit to this class after a strong foundation of kettlebell skills are established. Sheila programs this class monthly with progressions and challenges using Level 1 and 11 Kettlebell skills. The class has 20-minutes of movement prep followed by a challenging mix of kettlebell circuits and strength.